Film Brief: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

After watching Saturday night that “disappointingly clunky, bombastic” (CNN) movie The Dark Knight Rises, I was hoping last night for a refreshing, delightful indie, so I chose Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011), starring the charming Emily Blunt, and Ewan McGregor as something of a square.  Well I was not refreshed.  I probably should have been scared off by the description, which touts ties to Chocolat and Slumdog MillionaireSalmon Fishing was completely bland and utterly boring, charmless and an insipid waste.  This movie starts badly, but I kept hoping for something a little greater that it would reach for.  Instead we are given even greater stupidity and lameness, and what natural affinity the actors bring in has been somehow stripped bare.  Makes bad ’80s made-for-TV movies look sophisticated by comparison.  Truly horrible; 1/10.

If you would like to be charmed by Emily Blunt, she teamed up with Amy Adams and Alan Arkin in Sunshine Cleaning (2008).  More on this one later, but for now: 9/10 and charming up the ying yang.


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