Try Try Again…

Talking more about charm.  Yes, I know it’s been on TV a million times, but everytime Groundhog Day (1993) came on I switched away because, alas — I had never seen it!  And knowing the general outline — so I thought — I did not want to give away anything to myself,  saving the movie for an eventual full watch-through.

I am glad I did.  I expected something along the lines of Planes, Trains & Automobiles or Father of the Bride — a fun, enjoyable comedy — but Groundhog Day is so much more.  Bill Murray stars as a weatherman named Phil — as in Punxsutawney Phil, in perhaps his best performance.  Phil wakes every morning to find it is once again Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA.  This basic premise leads to Phil continuously re-inventing the day, of developing, learning, and refining his approach to life.  Very easily this premise could have lead to yet another worn-out, tired yawner of a movie.

But instead, in a way that reminds me of Being John Malkovich (but without the horrid underpinnings), this movie never runs out of ideas.  Once you think the basic storyline is about to be played out, the filmmakers Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis find new and even better directions to venture.  The journey of Phil’s ever-evolution is a magical and fast-paced one which speaks to life and love in both broad and specific ways.  Yes, it’s a feel-good like It’s A Wonderful Life, which I have also not seen — but there is nothing sappy or sentimental about it.  Neither is there typical Bill Murray-goofy going on here, rather, Murray plays it without that surly, sardonic edge exemplified in Caddyshack.  He’s on the edge in a different way here.

Remembering Murray going after another type of rodent, it’s impossible not to assume a connection.  But there is no connection to CaddyshackGroundhog Day is it’s own brilliant concept, executed flawlessly by Ramis, Murray, and Andie MacDowell in probably her most endearing role.  Nearly twenty years old, it’s a breath of fresh air.  I loved this movie! 10/10.  Now I really must watch It’s A Wonderful Life

Andie MacDowell and Bill Murray in Groundhog Day


3 thoughts on “Try Try Again…

  1. Not sure. There’s a little bit of a sophistication to this movie, and the humor is understated. On the other hand, it is a very likable movie. But it might be best to give him Caddyshack or Ghostbusters as his introduction to Bill Murray.

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