Film Brief: Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams is perhaps the best actress in her age group (she is 32) working today.  She has made two serious real-life romance/relationship movies, Blue Valentine and Take This Waltz, playing in each a wife who has some degree of dissatisfaction with her marriage.  In Take This Waltz, she is eminently watchable and pretty much mesmerizing for the entire movie, seemingly ever on the cusp of flight.  Williams is supported by other excellent cast members at the top of their game.  When the Oscar nominations were announced, there were film critics who felt that Williams deserved a Best Actress nomination.  Her performance is that good, and certainly much more deserving than the odds-on favorite, Jennifer Lawrence in the quite lame Silver Linings Playbook [prior post].

But I wanted more from this movie.  It lacked the type of climactic payoff that makes a movie memorable.  On the other hand, I was not bored at any point, so a mild recommendation: 6/10.  If you like Michelle Williams, go for it, but put the considerably better Blue Valentine ahead if you have not seen it.  It pairs Williams with Ryan Gosling, probably the best actor in that same young age group working today.  At some point I’ll post on his string of great and diverse performances.


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