Film Brief: Mama

There is a cabin in the woods, but Mama is no Cabin in the Woods — one of the best pictures of last year (see prior post & Best of 2012 list).  Mama instead is more along the lines of The Grudge — a couple startling “boo!” moments, but otherwise flat.  An asset I suppose is it does bring to mind the mystery and wonder of The Ring [prior post].  It’s too bad, because it’s a good premise, in concept anyway, gone to waste: two young sisters left to fend for themselves in the wilderness for five years, then the feral beings reintroduced to society.  Decent performances including the star Jessica Chastain, but it’s not worth it. 2/10.

The first two movies of 2013 have been baaad.  Hopefully the third one breaks the trend.

3 thoughts on “Film Brief: Mama

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