I had watched an excellent documentary on PBS the night before last on the early days of Silicon Valley, which I think put me in the mood to watch a movie from that era — so I selected Klute (1971), which had been on my Apple TV queue for a while.

Compared to good thrillers old and new, Klute is a failure with a number of collapsed story elements.  But the first half or so does keep the viewer interested.  This is due in large part to Jane Fonda’s performance — she won the Best Actress Oscar that year — and her intriguing, limited-speech costar Donald Sutherland.  I reckon this was something of a high-profile star vehicle at the time, Fonda coming off of Barbarella (1968) and Sutherland MASH (1970).

I do not recommend Klute, but it is a lot better than another early 70’s “thriller” by the same director Alan J. Pakula, The Parallax View (1974).  What’s interesting is that Pakula went on to direct perhaps the best movie ever made, Sophie’s Choice.  That brilliance is not on display in these earlier efforts.  4/10; only for those who are especially keen to investigate vintage Jane Fonda.


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