Film Brief: Zero Dark Thirty

ANOTHER movie that can’t bother to throw up a title screen?  So unnecessary in this case, and so annoying.

Does anyone know what a movie’s supposed to be about anymore?  Some modicum of entertainment value, or at least something interesting?  Zero Dark Thirty is for the most part an utter bore, punctuated with an explosion here and there which will momentarily wake you up.  This movie is partially redeemed when it finally gets to the mission of bringing down Bin Laden.  A little real drama is introduced for the first time, but at that point you’ve been bored out of your skulls for about 2 full hours.

I do admire the technical skill of Dark Thirty — the military sets, costumes, equipment and protocols all seem very genuine.  But you’ve still got to tell your story in an interesting way.  How the search for top Al Qaeda operatives in the wake of 9/11 is  made this dull is something of a mystery.  A mystery of misery.  A low 3/10; insert between Looper and The Hunger Games on my 2012 list.


2 thoughts on “Film Brief: Zero Dark Thirty

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