Christoph Waltz on Charlie Rose; follow-up on Lincoln

Well worth watching.  Note the remark by Waltz after showing the clip wherein his character explains to Django what a bounty is. Waltz comments that his character does not say, as might be expected, “Bounty? You don’t know what a bounty is?” Very telling as to the caliber of writing by Tarantino.  Watching this interview, in the context now of having seen the best movie of 2012 and before that Charlie Rose’s hour-long interview of Tarantino, gives me cause to reiterate the first thing I said in my review: Tarantino is a genius.  The Waltz interview is also touching in that it sheds light on the difficulties Waltz had in obtaining recognition and success.  A universal theme for all actors.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Django Unchained is still showing in theaters and highly recommended to see in the public venue while you can.  As well as being the best movie of last year, it is sheer and grand entertainment.  You’ll have fun watching this one.

This episode of the Charlie Rose show also features Tony Kushner, who wrote the screenplay for Lincoln [see my review], adapted from the large volume (944 pages) by Doris Kearns Goodwin, Team of Rivals.  I have not read Goodwin’s book, but I gather from Kushner’s comments and the book’s table of contents that the passage of the 13th Amendment was but a chapter or two; hardly the focus of the entire book.  That is to say, just a piece in the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, and an even smaller piece in the span of Lincoln’s life.  Then consider all the other written material available about Lincoln.  Why on God’s green earth Kushner had to cling on to this one short period of his life for a film that should have been about his entire life, or at least his entire presidency, is beyond me.  In the same way listening to Christoph Waltz strengthened my feelings about Django Unchained, the portion I watched of Tony Kushner’s interview strengthened the feeling of disappointment and dissatisfaction that I had walking out of Lincoln.

Another note on Lincoln.  People are talking about the unique perspective this movie delivers, the different approach it took in showing little-known aspects of his personality and his presidency.  Advocates have stated that previous movies haven’t shown this side of Lincoln.  My question: what movies?  Please can anyone tell me even one other movie in the last 50 years about Lincoln?  There haven’t been any!  This is why to me Lincoln was such a missed opportunity.  Kushner and Spielberg really blew it — in my thinking anyway.  Not that they care a whit.  Academy Awards will be bestowed upon this effort in great multitudes.  But in the long run the public will be at a loss.

A note on Charlie Rose.  I really like him, but boy is he enamored by Lincoln and its terrible writer.  Sometimes I question his judgement.  He was also very happy to interview the crew of Savages, the worst film of 2012.  Maybe I shouldn’t judge Rose in this way; I suppose he’s just doing his job to interview leading public figures.  After all, the other night he even interviewed that contemptible worm Dick Cheney.


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