Notes on Young Adult

I happened upon this quite by mistake.  Usually if I flip to a movie in progress that I haven’t seen before, being shown in this case uncut and commercial-free on TV, I’ll watch a bit of it but if it’s anything I really want to watch I’ll switch away expeditiously lest I ruin the story for myself.

But I switched to Epix just as Young Adult (2011, Charlize Theron) was beginning.  This is a good example of a class of movies that sit at a crossroads: on one track runs the concept of no concept, let’s just get something up on the screen and see if it sticks.

But there was something else here which made me think of another track, that of a movie that has a little bit of an idea, of a movie that is on the way to being an actual movie, not just an expanded sitcom episode.  There were moments that touched me in Young Adult, and overall it wasn’t terrible.  It was interesting enough to keep me engaged through the whole movie.  So it’s at this crossroads between, for lack of a better way of putting it, movie and un-movie.  This movie is still a bit broken and so sits, stuck at that intersection — it can’t quite merge onto the road you’d like it to.  5/10, which is to say not generally recommended but with redeeming elements.  If you are a big Charlize Theron fan go for it.


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