Film Brief: Joshua

My first exposure to Sam Rockwell was in the brilliant production Moon, and I decided right away that I liked him very much.  If you’re a fan as well, he starred in one of those ‘pesky’ child movies, Joshua (2007).  I caught most of this on Sundance channel or the like the other day, and it intrigued me.  I was entertained by Rockwell, interesting here again, as too was a rather disheveled Vera Farmiga.  Since I missed the beginning, I cannot render a numerical rating, but I can at least give Joshua a thumbs up. Also features longtime comic actor Michael McKean in a different setting than you normally expect him.


2 thoughts on “Film Brief: Joshua

  1. I saw this years ago and don’t remember most of the plot, only that it featured a disturbing kid. Thanks for recalling this classic!

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