Film Brief: Another Earth

Another Earth PosterAnother Earth stars Brit Marling in a quiet tale of loss and atonement.  But it’s too quiet, and has too many problems.  Brit Marling carries a definite magnetic quality, so there is value for those in need of a Marling fix.  She is an exciting new force in film today, having co-wrote this movie and the 2nd best film of last year, Sound of My Voice.  I have a feeling she’s about to break out as a major star; she has a number of upcoming projects in the works to make that happen.

Another Earth brought the obvious connection to Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, another not entirely successful story about worlds colliding.  4/10

Comparison Notes: Not recommended: Melancholia; Recommended: GattacaBreaking the Waves; Unknown: Upside Down (Kirsten Dunst)


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