Friday Fun Flick: The Fifth Element

Fifth Element Poster

The Fifth Element was a breathtaking film to see in theaters when it was released.  It is a visual masterpiece and an exceptionally realized world by French Director Luc Besson, and terrific good fun.  Adding to the quirky and unique look of the film are 954 costumes produced by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Oh, and then there’s Milla Jovovich.  This has been shown on TV a number of times, but do yourself a favor and view uninterrupted utilizing the best means available.  9/10


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun Flick: The Fifth Element

  1. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s costumes are like a character unto themselves in this film. Who could forget Leeloo’s “bandage” costume?! I’m so glad you mentioned it! 🙂

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