Get Yourself Sideways

Sideways posterSideways (2004) starts out poorly, with horrible background music interspersed among awkwardly developed scenes.  Soon enough those negative aspects dissolve away and we are left with a minor masterpiece; a thoroughly engaging, darkly humorous but also touching romantic story.  Think along the lines of an alternate-reality Woody Allen flick.  Or maybe Woody Allen crossed with a little of TV’s The Office and a dash of Louis C.K.

This movie received near-universal praise, and enjoys a 96% Tomatometer rating.  It also won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay.  Roger Ebert offered his highest praise, stating:

Miles is the hero of Alexander Payne‘s “Sideways,” which is as lovable a movie as “Fargo,” although in a completely different way.


…what happens during the next seven days adds up to the best human comedy of the year — comedy, because it is funny, and human, because it is surprisingly moving.

I learned today that a stage adaptation is coming to a local venue, the La Jolla Playhouse.  That’s appropriate since the main character’s home is a very average San Diego apartment.  I’ll update you if I see the play.

This is a great film.  It’s got some old-hat cheesy elements for sure, but that just adds to its charm.  9/10


4 thoughts on “Get Yourself Sideways

  1. Nice review Mark. It has a sweet feel and message with it, but also makes you feel as if this is how life is, and it’s up to us to make ourselves happy. Or, we can just sit around, wait for something to spur up, and make us happy. Either way, it’s going to be a hard ride.

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