Film Brief: World War Z

ANOTHER ZOMBIE MOVIE?  After watching Zombieland (2009) I said, “That’s it.  That’s the final word in zombie movies.  We don’t need any more.”  Since then, we’ve had about six dozen.

But despite the tired zombie theme, this is a good movie.  In the beginning, comparisons to Outbreak, I Am Legend, and various Invasions of Body Snatchers were dashing through my head, but — as testament to this movie’s quality — those comparisons gave way as I became involved in the movie.  And that’s surprising — a Hollywood summer blockbuster that’s actually good, and entertaining the way it should be — grandly cinematic.  There’s a considerable amount of things plot-wise that are hardly optimal, but there are also moments of nuance and intelligence that balance World War Z to a 7/10.  If you like zombie movies, you should dig this one.

World War Z - IMDb still


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