Take The Way, Way Back

Way Way Back - poster

STEVE CARELL HEADLINES The Way, Way Back, but he is not the star.  The geeky, introverted young teenager is — this is his story.  It’s a coming-of-age story we’ve more or less seen before, but it is well executed, touching and funny.  I liked this movie.

It succeeds largely because of its genuineness.  Too often romantic comedies wear a veneer of unbelievability, a facade which stands in the way of connecting to the characters and their story.  The Way, Way Back brings with it an authenticity which helps to render the comedic, romantic, and serious sides of the movie.  And though this is not constant comedy, there is plenty of humor, and a water slide sequence which had me laughing harder at a movie than I can remember.  Among the best of the year so far; 8/10

Comparison Notes: Lucas, Juno, Sunshine Cleaning


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