Film Brief: Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all growns up.  He’s no longer the kid from Third Rock from the Sun.  He’s buff, mature and all man.  We saw his growth last year in Looper.  In Don Jon, his maturity is more physical than anything else.  But definitely grown up.

Don Jon is an adult-themed, original and bold film that will turn off many people.  It’s about sex, masturbation, porn, and love, and it doesn’t hold back.  Though it’s difficult to wish anything good to come to this guy (think Jersey Shore jerk), it’s nonetheless a compelling story that absolutely holds your interest from beginning to end.

Besides starring, Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed this film — a very strong showing.  The supporting cast is also very good, including an impressive and convincing departure by Scarlett Johansson.  8/10

UPDATE: I forgot to include a comparison to Silver Linings Playbook — for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the father’s obsession with football in each film.  The characters in Don Jon are not warm, fuzzy and likable as those in Playbook, but this is a much better movie.


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