Film Brief: Gravity (3D)


GRAVITY IS FULL of beautiful visuals that convey — about as well as a movie can — the feeling of floating in orbit.  The story is nothing groundbreaking — a basic story of survival akin to one set on a deserted island or deep in the jungle.  But the space setting is unique, and Gravity‘s technical prowess is in full bloom — in filmmaking terms, that is — it’s masterfully shot.  I’m certain there are a couple stretches as far as the scientific and engineering aspects of space travel are concerned, but it’s of no consequence to the quality or believability of the film.  This is not meant to be the ultra-realisitic portrayal of events that was Apollo 13.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock give dedicated and engaging performances, and carry the action well.  This movie is quickly paced and entertaining from start to finish; make sure if possible to see in the theaters in 3D — this one is undoubtably better that way.  Gravity did not disappoint my expectations, so I can forgive a plot with no big surprises.  8/10


6 thoughts on “Film Brief: Gravity (3D)

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