Film Brief: All Is Lost

All Is Lost - posterROBERT REDFORD STARS in a nearly dialogue-free tale of survival aboard a sinking sailboat in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  All Is Lost is straightforward and simple but effective.  I had a couple issues with this movie — I would have liked a little more depth, a point of transcendence — Runaway Train with Jon Voight and Eric Roberts flashes in my mind — and I picked up on a couple storyline glitches.

Redford delivers an impressive physical acting job that demonstrates he could handle probably any role thrown his way; maybe we’ll see more of him now?  Not likely, but who knows.

As I suspected aforehand, there are strong similarities between Gravity and All Is Lost — but Gravity is the better movie.  All Is Lost is good but not great.  If the trailer appeals to you then don’t miss it.  7/10




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