Cinematic Greats: Fargo

Roger Ebert:

Films like “Fargo” are why I love the movies.

You betcha!  Me too.  Fargo is a masterpiece of the highest order.  I was thinking about Pulp Fiction and Fargo, and connected it to an idea that I’ve had for a long time: there is no single greatest film of all time.  2001 is not a greater film than A Clockwork Orange, or Pulp Fiction, or Fargo.  These films have an equality of greatness which promises a viewing experience beyond that of lesser cinema.

Fargo still - Buscemi - largeFargo is the reason movies exist.  I saw a blog post a ways back about the top 10 Coen brothers’ films, which went out of its way to diss Fargo as overrated and not worthy of the Coen ‘top 10’ list.  Sometimes I don’t know what people are thinking.  It is easily the best Coen brothers film (though I have not seen them all), readily surpassing the great No Country for Old Men, as well as almost every other picture ever made.

I unfortunately skipped Fargo during its theatrical release because the ‘homespun’ poster turned me off.  If you haven’t yet, see this one as soon as possible, uncut and in HD — it’s a perfect winter’s tale.  I’d like to include a trailer or clip, but could not find one that does it justice.

Fargo - poster - large


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