Film Brief: Nebraska [u]

Nebraska - posterTHE INDIE COMEDY Nebraska is a simple story about an old man on a quest.  It immediately brings to mind David Lynch’s The Straight Story.  But while the Lynch film succeeded on multiple levels, Nebraska seemed a bit worn, like an extended sitcom sketch.  And it was a little laggy and repetitive; I think at times it was reaching for the kind a philosophical depth that came easily to the Lynch feature.  I have to believe filming in black & white was also part of this strategy, and these attempts seem a bit forced.  The film mostly fails to achieve that extra dimension it desires.

Nonetheless, I was entertained; these are likable, even charming characters and a generally likable story.  As an old fan of the sci-fi classic Silent Running (1972), I think it’s great that Bruce Dern is still acting 41 years later.  I give it a mild recommendation.  If you like what you see in the trailer, you should enjoy it. 6/10

== UPDATED: Now 7/10 ==


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