Film Brief: Non-Stop

Non-Stop poster smallOn Oscar day, I write about a movie which will certainly not be discussed a year from now.  Non-Stop is about what you’d expect, which is to say somewhat entertaining but not very good.  It does work to deliver some genuine intrigue and excitement for a good deal of the film, but it never reaches the type of frenzy in say, Speed 2: Cruise Control, and its resolution is weak.  I liked Speed 2 by the way — it had something Non-Stop severely lacks: a great villain.

In a review I of this movie, a critic compared Liam Neeson’s growl to that of Harrison Ford.  I see the similarity, but for all of Neeson’s talent, he is no Harrison Ford — at least not for a movie like this.  He just doesn’t have the charisma of Ford.  A generous 4/10.


3 thoughts on “Film Brief: Non-Stop

  1. Good review. Yeah, it’s all pretty dumb, but at least it kept me interested as to who the baddie was, and for what reasons. They may have been very stupid when explained, but at least I couldn’t guess who it was going to be.

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