Friday Fun Flick: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse - poster

I saw Welcome to the Dollhouse in the theater back in 1996, so my memory of it is not overly detailed, but it has stuck in my mind all these years later as an outstanding film that I had a lot of fun watching.  Roger Ebert gave it his highest rating in his excellently-written review (I continue to be surprised at how all these great films from my past match up with 4-star Ebert evaluations):

Scene after scene, “Welcome to the Dollhouse” piles on its details, re-creating the acute daily misery of being an unpopular adolescent and remembering, too, how resilient a girl like Dawn can be–how self-absorbed, how hopeful, how philosophical, how enduring.

Dawn’s revenge, we hope, is that someday she will be rich, famous and admired, while the snotty little cheerleaders who persecuted her will have been sucked into the primeval slime of the miserable lives they deserve.

A refreshing little bright star of a movie, Welcome to the Dollhouse is a perfect celebration of the 90’s indie renaissance.


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