Film Brief: Visitors

As I suspected, the new Godfrey Reggio / Phillip Glass movie Visitors is more an art piece than any sort of conventional movie.  Indeed their prior collaboration, the seminal film Koyaanisqatsi [see post], is much more a linear tale than Visitors.  I found Visitors to be intriguing, but it hardly blew me away.  There were a couple rather well-turned moments where it touched the depths it was trying to reach as a whole.

And I will say I’ve never seen human fingers look so alien.  The faces look almost alien too, which I think is one of the points the movie is trying to make.  Though not a great film, it is unforgettable.  Also to the movie’s credit, I was surprised when it ended that it was over so quickly.  Make sure to visit the website first and watch the trailer to see if this is up your alley.  A marginal thumb’s up; 6/10

Visitors - website image


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