Can I Stream It? Maybe, Maybe Not

Before watching eXistenZ (previous post), I checked my Can I Stream It? app to see if I could watch it with my Netflix subscription.  It told me I could, but it also falsely told me that I could not see it through the Apple/iTunes movie service. had previously erred regarding two great movies, The Wrestler and Crazy Heart.  In my post on those films, I called this omission an egregious mistake, and said that I’d follow up.  Well consider this the follow-up: three strikes and you’re out.  Since has proven unreliable, I am removing it from my list of links in the sidebar.  I think, however, that it still works for Netflix — but the selection of movies on Netflix is highly constrained.

It would be a great convenience if or a like service (I know of none other) could be relied upon.  I will still check it now and then; if its accuracy is shown to improve I’ll post another update.  For now, the answer to “Can I stream it?” is: Who knows?

Can I Stream It - graphic


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