Cinematic Greats: Sling Blade

Sling Blade - poster

SPEAKING OF BILLY BOB THORNTON… I previously highlighted him in the terrific film A Simple Plan, but his greatest accomplishment is Sling Blade (1996).  He wrote, directed, and starred in this indie: what a way to claim your arrival at the doorsteps of Hollywood.  Sling Blade is a classic, timeless tale that I connect to great literary works such as Of Mice and Men and The Old Man and the Sea.  Kevin Thomas of the LA Times wrote at the time:

Billy Bob Thornton’s “Sling Blade” is a mesmerizing parable of good and evil and a splendid example of Southern storytelling at its most poetic and imaginative.

Sling Blade is a must-watch film.  Try to find a good quality recording.  I find it odd and disappointing that such highly acclaimed films from such a relatively short time ago as the 1990’s are not readily available in HD.Sling Blade - still large


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