The Other Woman: Comedy’s Tough

The Other Woman - posterI like Leslie Mann.  She was great in Knocked Up.  I think she’s funny, but that doesn’t mean she’s funny enough to carry a feature comedy by herself.  So there’s also Cameron Diaz, one of my favorite actresses.  And I’m not sure how funny she is.  And I can tell you Kate Upton, not funny.

And I got to thinking about how difficult comedy is, and how maybe it’s harder for women to be funny.  I think of all those great seasons of Saturday Night Live, and it’s mostly humor driven by men.  So for a movie like The Other Woman, a good, funny script would help, sure, but so would natural comedic talent.  Think of how funny Mike Myers is just looking at him on screen.  Obviously, women can be funny too.  Anna Faris is the most natural female comic talent I can think of now working — I find her sitcom Mom to be hilarious.  But the gals in this film, not so much.

Mann and Diaz do pull off a lot of good physical shtick, but often you can sense that they are trying too hard to push the humor, to force it — and that just doesn’t work.  I had seen the trailer for The Other Woman a number of times, and it looked like fun.  I ignored the 25% Tomatometer score, and went in with a positive outlook.  This movie’s heart is in the right place, and it succeeds in a number of places, but neither the comedy nor the story ever pay off.  So ultimately it’s a disappointing and forgettable film.  4/10

The Other Woman - text block


5 thoughts on “The Other Woman: Comedy’s Tough

    • You are right, she did a great job especially with all the over-the-top physical comedy — but overall this movie felt like it was trying to force something that wasn’t there.

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