No Bueno Fargo Problemo

Fargo - still Molly & Bill Oswalt

I’ve been very happy with the new Fargo series, as I posted on previously.  But there have been some minor annoyances story-wise that have cropped up, and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed these things.  SPOILER ALERT!  I’m going to speak to a few details of the series, none of which will give too much away, but if you aren’t caught up and wish to be, you may want to skip reading on.  So these are the story problems I’ve noticed:

  1. In the first episode, how does Malvo lift the dead, full-grown deer into his trunk?  What is he, Hercules?  And why would he go to the effort?  Not consequential to the story, so easily forgiven / overlooked.
  2. Not so easily overlooked… The “naked guy” in the trunk, who ends up frozen to death: He was dragged out by Malvo right in front of witnesses, in addition to the security camera(s).  What gives?  I think if you had a co-worker in your office dragged out in front of you, you’d call the police — the local St. Paul police, in this case.  Said local police would issue an APB right away I’d say.  I don’t think Malvo would get to run around until the Bemidji police show up.
  3. Fargo series - still - washerFrom last night’s episode (ep. 5) — I understand why Molly returns to Lester’s house, but what on earth possesses her to open up the washing machine?  Now I take it that she did not find the murder weapon, but still: there is absolutely no reason presented — unless I’m missing something — to make her believe anything would be found there.

Obviously I’m really into this series, or I wouldn’t bother with all these issues.  But points 2 & 3 above are not minor quibbles.  I can ‘go with the flow’ on things like the blood-shower, or the cricket-ridden supermarket — neither one of which would be so easy to execute —  because these are the type of fantastic but just-believable elements which make the show so enjoyable.

The Fargo series has not disappointed — it is masterfully produced and 100% entertaining.  But in a sense, its high quality make the story-gaffes all the more unforgivable.  I’m hooked in for the short remainder of the series, but it seems these little plot problems could have been easily fixed, leaving a blemish-free program.  Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “No Bueno Fargo Problemo

  1. I believe part of your difficulty is that in order to fully enjoy this skewed comedic world populated mostly by doofuses, but also a tiny number of good and bad smart people, you have to suspend your disbelief and allow the stoopids to act as such. As we’ve seen from the new police chief, he will ignore the obvious over and over in favor of his own expectations. With that in mind, here are my reactions to your three flaws.

    1. The deer most probably weighed less than the underwear guy, and we saw Malvo dragging him. There’s also less resistance on ice and snow than on a concrete floor. The only effort would be the lift into the trunk, and you could do that one end at a time. I’m a smaller guy than Billy Bob, and I’ve done it. You have to lift from your quads instead of your back.
    2. If I remember correctly, I don’t believe anyone saw the security camera footage in real time, only afterward when the tapes were reviewed. If there was supposed to be someone monitoring, in this world they would have been in the bathroom, at the vending machines, or just dozing off. (“Jeez, I dunno how I coulda missed that one.”)
    3. This one was proof of Molly being the only real cop in town. In Lester’s first interview with Molly and the new chief, he said what drew his attention to go down to the basement was hearing the washer “on spin cycle”. Because the discovery of the shotgun pellet wound in his hand proves he was upstairs when Vern (the previous chief) was killed, and not down in the basement, Molly is investigating why Lester would even mention the washer. Remember that the washer doesn’t work at all. Lester broke it. Secondly, Lester used the washer to hide the murder weapon, the ballpeen hammer. If Molly continues investigating and finds Molly’s blood inside the washer, or the hammer itself, it’s over for Lester.

  2. Thanks for you comments — I forgot to mention that I was relieved last night when the Chief of Police finally ‘gets it’ as to Molly’s inquiries. He’s not a complete doofus after all.

    On points:
    1 — I’ve no experience in this, so I’ll take your word for it. Still not sure why he would bother.
    2 — ‘Naked guy’ was dragged out in front of his co-workers in broad daylight, wasn’t he? Wouldn’t they have called the police immediately?
    3 — I may have forgotten that Lester mentioned hearing the washer to Molly — indeed you are paying more careful attention than I — but even if she is suspicious of his account, I don’t know that it would lead her to open up the back of the washer. Why would anyone think a murder weapon would be hidden inside a washing machine?

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