Godzilla? Gadzooks!

Godzill posterYOU MAY BE ASKING WHY on earth did I go see this?  Well, the previews made it look like the all-out destruction of the planet (but in a fun way).  It has a 73% Tomatometer score.  And I figured I wouldn’t get bored the way I do with superhero movies, because there is no superhero here to remain ever-invincible.  Lastly, I hoped that it would rekindle the spirit of the classic Japanese films of yore.

Well, no such luck.  I’m more with the 27% of critics who said no thanks; A.O. Scott of the Times:

It is at once bloated and efficient, executed with tremendous discipline and intelligence and conceived with not too much of either.


…one of the pleasures the movie offers is the thought that actors who have done splendid work elsewhere — Mr. Cranston and Ms. Binoche, and also Sally Hawkins as another scientist — are being paid well for shouting, grimacing and spouting expository claptrap.

He left out Elizabeth Olsen, who I like very much from last year’s underrated Oldboy and the fabulous indie Martha Marcy May Marlene.  Olsen and Bryan Cranston are 2 of the few positives Godzilla has in its favor.  Richard Corliss, Time:

Godzilla dawdles toward its Doomsday climax; the movie could win a prize for Least Stuff Happening in the First Two-Thirds of an Action Film.

It really makes you scratch your head as to how so many critics recommended it.  Another case in point of why I write this blog.  For me, I felt it was a disjointed Godzilla text blockjumble of a movie with lots of unnecessary lapses in logic, and that it never capitalized on a gold-mine of vintage mojo waiting for it in the original Godzilla movies.  Besides the presence of Cranston and Olsen, I did like one scene late in the film: skydiving set to 2001’s mystical head-trip music.  Note: I saw the standard (non-IMAX) 3D version, which didn’t help this movie at all.  4/10


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