Ida’s Ode to Joy

Ida - still 1

Not that any of the characters are joyous per se.  This is 1960’s Soviet-Bloc Poland, after all.  But the main characters do seem to float above the fray.

Now you might assume that a movie under this setting would to some extent be about the oppression of life under communist rule — think 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days and Barbara for recent examples on this theme.  But Ida could almost just as well have been set in France or Italy — communism is not essential to the story at all.  Indeed, Ida is not about oppression, communist or otherwise.  Rather, it is about uplifting light.

Ida - still 2This movie has received universal praise and holds a 95% Tomatometer score.  Dana Stevens, Slate:

There’s an urgency to Ida’s simple, elemental story that makes it seem timely, or maybe just timeless.

Godfrey Cheshire, writing at

Riveting, original and breathtakingly accomplished on every level, “Ida” would be a masterpiece in any era, in any country.

Every frame by beautiful black & white square frame captivates in Ida.  A joyous movie; second-best of the year so far, behind only Under the Skin.  9/10


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