Watch Edge of Tomorrow with Stereo Vision

SURPRISE SURPRISE!  A good action movie in 2014!  And who woudda thunk it: Emily Blunt an action star?  Tom Cruise does well here too — I’ve been a longtime fan of his, and was dismayed that he was shunned for a period because he jumped on a couch.  In any case, Edge of Tomorrow is good old fashioned story telling and successfully executed sci-fi — a rarity these days.  Essentially a dramatic version of the great comedy Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, also like the Bill Murray classic, continues to evolve and remain fresh throughout.

Edge of Tomorrow - text blockWatching this movie in 2D but on an IMAX-sized screen made me realize some things about movies seen in 3D.  As I’ve commented before, 3D won’t rescue a bad movie.  But Edge of Tomorrow made me understand that for the most part 3D is an unnecessary distraction.  It’s cool at first but after the novelty wears off (often by the time the trailers are through), 3D does nothing to further engage you.  Exceptions do exist; Gravity, most notably, was obviously enhanced with 3D — though I reckon a good theater 2D presentation would not leave a moviegoer feeling let down.  That’s because good movies don’t depend on 3D.

Edge of Tomorrow has a strong enough story that I am very happy I saw it in 2D, and I truly believe I would have been less engaged with the 3D glasses on.  Unfortunately, vastly inferior films like Godzilla and X-Men have done much better at the box office this year.  Reverse the trend!  Go out and see this very entertaining movie.  8/10


4 thoughts on “Watch Edge of Tomorrow with Stereo Vision

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