Step into The Dance of Reality

The Dance of Reality - still

When watching Alejandro Jodorowsky’s autobiographical The Dance of Reality, I was reminded of the great Italian tribute to movies, Cinema Paradiso.  And while I was solidly held by Dance, I at no time felt the passion that was instilled in me by Cinema.  There’s a good story told here, for the most part well executed and mixed with lots of great visuals, but it did not strike me on an emotional level the way it might have.  I liked it very much, but I’m not gaga.  Colin Covert of the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune sums it up best:

The story is patchy and stitched together, but Jodorowsky’s images can be stunning, and his ability to acknowledge pain without being depressing is a rare gift. The film is a wayward dream but well worth embracing.

The Dance of Reality arrives on the heels of Jodorowsky’s Dune, a highly regarded documentary which I missed.  Apparently, Jodorowsky has been making movies since the sixties, but I had never heard of him.  My interest is piqued: I look forward to any future output by the director, and will seek out past triumphs.

Though I wasn’t over the moon about The Dance of Reality, it is an entertaining film and a good choice for those in the mood for a little Chilean flavor.  7/10

 * * *

Comparison Notes: Highly Recommended: Hugo, Cinema Paradiso, Central Station, Il Postino; Not Recommended: Holy Motors [my post here]


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