Film Brief: Obvious Child

Obvious Child - still

Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy

Jenny Slate’s Donna, at the center of Obvious Child, starts out as a likable enough character that you wouldn’t mind hanging with for a while, and grows on you from there.  By the end, a strong connection is established — you really like and are pulling for her.  In the early going, the movie has a couple rough spots — scenes that seem a little fake, and the portrayal of Donna’s mother didn’t completely mesh.

Obvious Child - text blockBut Obvious Child is a good movie.  As occurs in great movies of this type, Slate’s words flow out so naturally that it’s almost impossible to believe the entire movie was written by someone else.  Another way to put it: it’s as if she’s not acting.

Based on the trailer and its goofy title, Obvious Child was not a movie I wanted to see.  I’m glad I did — it’s a charming little rom-com.  8/10


3 thoughts on “Film Brief: Obvious Child

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