Not in Love with Lucy

Lucy - poster smallMildly entertaining, but hardly exceptional.  If it weren’t for the similarly-themed Limitless, Jumper, Transcendence, Inception, etc. etc. then Lucy might have felt fresher.  But we already have all those movies, so that concept of a regular person now endowed with superpowers must be executed at a high level in order to stand out.  Lucy did not execute at that level, and tried to make up for its shortcomings by use of a rather odd “Wild Kingdom” theme.

Lucy was at its best in the opening sequences, but even those felt a little off.  The movie never quite gelled for me, and the ever-increasing product placement by sleazy Samsung got on my nerves enough to knock it down another peg or two.  4/10

Lucy - text block



3 thoughts on “Not in Love with Lucy

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