Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. I

Guardians of the Galaxy poster smallThe year of the blockbuster continues.  Guardians of the Galaxy was reasonably entertaining, but dragged down by the requisite draggy action sequences-in-lieu-of-a-good-plot that plagues most of these big action pictures.  But with fun characters, cool visuals and a good sense of humor it was definitely a kick above most blockbusters released this year.  And the action pieces were, for the most part, above average as well — you could even say exciting.

Guardians was best when sporting its classic tunes — I only wish there had been more.  And something I find ironic is that the period music integrated very naturally with the futuristic sci-fi action on the screen, as contrasted with the complete inability of American Hustle or Dazed and Confused (for example) to achieve the same effect, despite being set in the period belonging to their respective soundtracks.  Classic songs were affixed superficially to those broken movies.

One thing that did bother me about Guardians was the sense the entire movie through that its primary purpose was to generate sequels.  And, sadly, the filmmakers rather gallingly confirmed that inevitability by stating so before the end credits rolled.  Still though, enough fun for me to recommend it; kids and action/superhero fans will eat it up.  And I do love that “Marvel” animation at the beginning — it’s getting better all the time.  6/10

Guardians Galaxy - text block


5 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. I

  1. Loved the trailer! This might not be among the greatest films of all time, but it looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the review.

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