What’s in The Drop?

The Drop - poster wide

The Drop features a mob-related crime story not so different than what you’ve seen before in, say, Killing Them Softly — or a hundred other films.  But it succeeds by two factors: one, the story very adeptly maintains a steady drumbeat of tension that keeps you invested in the film throughout.  And two, its excellent performances, anchored by British actor Tom Hardy in a masterful portrayal of a distinctly American bartender named Bob.  Bob’s not The Drop - text blockyour normal tough guy.  He’s more interesting than that.  Like the great modern film noir After Dark, My Sweet, this central figure may come across a little slow or a little stupid.  But not so fast.

The Drop is the second high-quality crime picture of the year, Cold in July being the first.  And like Cold in July, The Drop was a nice surprise.  It was written by Dennis Lehane, and the narrative allows uncertainty to hang in the air in a way not dissimilar to his previous work Mystic River.   In addition to Hardy, it stars a perfectly-cast James Gandolfini in his last feature film and Noomi Rapace, from the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.  8/10


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