I Feel Love for Men, Women & Children

I love this trailer.  Those who have been to the movies in the last few weeks have probably seen it.  I saw it a couple times and was slow to react, but it got burned in my brain.  Why?  Largely because of the music, a sensual, slowed-down but equally mesmerizing version of the Donna Summer disco hit “I Feel Love”.

Apparently there’s a lot of covers of “I Feel Love”, mainly keeping up the pace — but this one by a group called the Plantains turns it into a haunting groove that syncs perfectly with the visuals.  The soundtrack for Men, Women & Children is not available, but when it is I hope the song is included.  It would help the movie, but as we’ve seen from Silver Linings Playbook, underhanded marketers will sometimes use music to promote a movie that isn’t anywhere to be found in the movie itself.

* * *

As much as I like the trailer it seems like a movie that could be either truly fabulous, or just as easily one where nothing much happens.  I’m hoping for the former.

iTunes Trailer

iTunes Trailer


2 thoughts on “I Feel Love for Men, Women & Children

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