Love Is Strange; this Movie Not So Much

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A great Rotten Tomatoes score (97%) and the chance to see John Lithgow, one of my favorite actors in — gasp! — a movie! — motivated me to see him in the story of of an aging gay couple, Love Is Strange.  The last — and only — John Lithgow movie I can think of him in was the terrific Terms of Endearment.  I’ve always loved him though, especially in the work most associated with him, 3rd Rock from the Sun, the most exuberant sitcom ever made.  He’s a brilliant actor, and I wish he had done, and will do more movies.Love Is Strange - text block

But alas, this project finds him saddled with a visionless, pedestrian script that makes you appreciate the genius of Woody Allen.  The performances are good enough, though the best job here is by Marisa Tomei, always the consummate pro.  Nothing is exceptional on any level, and the plot, script and overall production are straight out of amateur hour.  3/10

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Comparison Notes: Both highly recommended, much better alternatives: The Visitor, House of Sand and Fog


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