Twin Peaks Revival

Twin Peaks stairsThis is old news by now for fans, but Showtime is slated to run nine new episodes of Twin Peaks.  From the Times blurb:

These episodes will be written and produced by Mr. Lynch and Mr. Frost, and will be directed by Mr. Lynch. Showtime also said it will re-air the original seasons of “Twin Peaks” before broadcasting the new episodes.

I was skeptical until seeing that David Lynch and Mark Frost, the original creators, will be making the new episodes.  I’m still skeptical, because Twin Peaks was so much a product of its age, and so completely saturated in pure magic that will be hard to recapture 25 years later.  The first season still ranks to me as among the best stuff ever put on television.  The Fargo series does give me a lot of hope that something great can be accomplished.

I’m also surprised, as I was under the impression that David Lynch had forsworn any further movie (or TV) making, having switched full time to music and generally disappointing his fans by not making anything else.  I am more hopeful now that he will become involved in another movie project; I’ve got this feeling there are still some great stories running around in his demented mind.

I’ve always disliked HBO, Showtime, etc., because for so much of their history they’ve been about charging viewers monthly for a lot of crappy, very un-curated movies.  They still do that, but it’s become a lot better now with quality original productions — a trend that is ever increasing.  And being on the “premium” pay network will have its advantages; again from the Times:

Regarding the original ABC run of “Twin Peaks,” Mr. Frost said: “There was always a sense that we were slightly handcuffed by the network restrictions of the time and place. Obviously, all that will be gone. We’re really free to do and go wherever we see fit.”

Looks like I’ll be subscribing to Showtime on a temporary basis when the show hits.  There is no way I am missing this.

* * *

BONUS!  For the fans: “A Ranking of All 118 Sweaters Seen on Twin Peaks”, which includes perhaps unnecessarily acrid captions:

Donna - sweater

Click for Slideshow


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