Film Brief: Men, Women & Children

Men, Women & Children - poster medThe good thing about bad movies is they make fair and good ones look better.  Boyhood, which I bestowed with a 7/10 rating indicating good but not great, is a masterpiece compared to this clunker.  Men, Women & Children plays like one of those bad rom-coms like Valentine’s Day or He’s Just Not That Into You which juggle a bunch of different interpersonal relationship stories in lieu of having any single one worthy of a tale, but with very little rom and no com.  Awful narration by Emma Thompson only added to my displeasure.

I liked the trailer so much that I posted it without seeing the movie, put aside the Rotten Tomatoes score (29%), and set out to judge this cowardly film for myself.  On the plus side, modern themes are not completely mishandled and the performances are good.  3/10

Men, Women & Children - text block




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