A Little of the Ol’ Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet - poster

I have not seen the Milla Jovovich sci-fi thriller Ultraviolet (2006), so why I am writing about it?  Because what I have seen — a key sequence with another scene or two mixed in — I’ve found to be very compelling, enough to recommend at least checking for yourself.  It’s been universally panned, with a 9% Tomatometer score and a flat 0% among top critics.  But the sequence of which I speak — where she is attempting to infiltrate a top-security institution — was ultra-cool; style and élan to the hilt.

So from what I’ve seen, to call it “inept in every regard” (the Tomatoes consensus) is plain wrong.  In fact, the sequence in question ranks up there with the lounge follow-along scene in Goodfellas or the Marsellaise scene in Casablanca.  The movie as a Ultraviolet - text blockwhole I cannot comment on other than to say that one cannot peg its value at zero.  That’s not fair to Ultraviolet, and it’s not fair to movies great or fair.

At some point I’ll actually watch the whole movie, and provide a proper post.  I understand the movie is a take off on the vampire genre, but I liked what I saw anyway.  And I’ll take it any day over that silly Hunger Games nonsense.  In the meantime, any thoughts?  Comment below!

Comparison Note: Ultraviolet’s sibling Æon Flux — also universally panned, also tons of cool style.  I have seen this one, but it’s been a while.  From what I remember, it’s not nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be.


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