Film Brief: The Blue Room

The Blue Room - poster smallBoredom gradually yielded to tedium as I sat watching The Blue Room (La Chambre bleue).  What is it with the French and blue?  For two consecutive years, the only French film I watched had “Blue” in the title, and both fell well short of any aspirations I may have had at watching the next great foreign film.  I do not wish to throw Blue is the Warmest Color [prior post] in the Blue room, for it’s a much better the blue room - text blockmovie.  But that is saying very little indeed.

Did critics laud this movie just because it is French?  Who knows.  Besides the requisite good performances, the only saving grace was a bit lip that worked its way under my skin for a moment; for that this yawner nudges up a tick to 3/10.


3 thoughts on “Film Brief: The Blue Room

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