Friday Fun Flick: Yes Man

Yes Man (2008) is a joyous celebration of life, and a wonderfully fun romantic comedy.  Jim Carrey has faded from the acme of stardom he once enjoyed, and this movie is a perfect example of that.  It did not do nearly as well as his biggest hits such as Liar Liar and The Mask, and that’s a shame.

Yes Man - poster

I’m a BIG fan of Jim Carrey, and I think a couple flops and serious roles in films like The Cable Guy and Man on the Moon alienated a dopamine-influenced audience who only wanted to see talking butt cheeks.  There is a point in Yes Man when Carrey starts singing “Can’t Buy Me Love” on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl.  And he’s good.  What an amazing talent he is.

Yes Man - text blockOh and Zooey Deschanel is great here too.  She teamed up with the “all-girl electro soul-punk group” (Wiki) Von Iva to produce four great songs for the movie in the form of the band “Munchausen by Proxy”, and she is the perfect comic and romantic foil for Carrey.

If you’ve not seen it before, avoid Yes Man on TV.  Besides the normal editing and interruptions that the movie would be subject to, it’s likely to have the final scene cut — another fun bit where Carrey and Deschanel send themselves careening down a hillside in roller suits.  The “buggy rollin” is shown after the initial end credits, so keep it planted when you think the movie is done.

It’s apples and oranges, but I find it remarkable that Yes Man faced so many negative reviews while those same critics heaped praise on Pride.  Talk about opposite world.  9/10


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