A Force Majeure To Be Reckoned With

Force Majeure - poster

Force Majeure may be considered as a cross between what Escape from Tomorrow might have imagined being, had it imagined being a good movie, and The Loneliest Planet [prior post].  Peter Travers, Rolling Stone:

[The Writer-Director Ruben] Östlund shifts gears from humor to psychological thriller, redefining courage and family in the process. Force Majeure is a jolt. You won’t know what hit you.

“Thriller” is a bit much, but psychological drama, yes.   And I’ll dip down to the Daily News for the first time, as critic Jordan Hoffman nails it:

It’s a sly tease, superbly written and performed. There’s even odd humor. It’s all set against gorgeously shot natural vistas.

Force Majeure - text blockDefinitely an intriguing little movie hinged on one’s reaction when you and your loved ones are in peril.  One more movie comes to mind: Claude Chabrol’s small masterpiece La Cérémonie, though nothing quite so drastic happens here.  Definitely worth a look for the refreshing cinematic vision alone; the trailer will tell you immediately whether or not this one’s for you.  Shot in the French alps; in Swedish and English.  8/10

Force Majeure - trailer image


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