Sony Employee: “people using Macs were fine”

This from a Sony employee:

“… Everyone is a little calmer now after the initial shock.  A couple of people had their computers removed but people using Macs were fine,” she said.  She said most work is done on iPads and iPhones.

Lesson for businesses and individuals alike: stick to Apple for your tech.  Apple devices are not impenetrable, but they’re a lot more secure than the alternatives.

And following up on my post yesterday regarding Sony pulling the Christmas release of The Interview, a post I 100% concur with — with the exception that I understand Sony was bowing to pressure from the theatre chains.  From The Loop:


It is mind boggling to me, particularly when you compare it to real things that have actually happened. Someone killed 12 people and shot another 70 people at the opening night of Batman: The Dark Knight. They kept that movie in the theaters. You issue an anonymous cyber threat that you did not have the capability to carry out? We pulled a movie from 18,000 theaters.

There’s probably no worse way for Sony to have handled this. Incredible how messed up this has become.

Paranoia will destroy ya.


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