2014: A good year to fly the friendly skies?

THE MARCH DISAPPEARANCE of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a huge, state-of-the-art widebody Boeing 777 jet with 239 souls on board, stands as the greatest aviation mystery of all time.  Not a UFOs & jetlinersingle shred of the airplane or anyone on board has ever been found, nor is there any concrete evidence that it even crashed.  It literally disappeared off the face of the planet.  For all we know it was abducted by aliens.

Then the psychopath Vladimir Putin shot down another Malaysian Airlines 777 over the Ukraine, and another 298 people were gone.

And now yet another jetliner, this time an Airbus A320, operating in the same part of the world as Malaysia Air Flight 370 has gone down, though there is no mystery this time as wreckage has already been found.

What an extraordinary year for air travel.


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