The Top Five Reasons to Watch a Rock Star

Top Five - poster

The first 15 – 20 minutes of Top Five had me thinking that I would write a post on the year’s best comedy — but it was not to be.  Neighbors will hold on to that title.

Joe Morgenstern, WSJ:

Mr. Rock has made a pyrotechnic pinwheel of a personal comedy, and he’s had the wisdom to share it with a strong co-star. While he sends sparks flying every which way, Rosario Dawson keeps the story grounded in calm intelligence and classic romance.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone:

The sweetest surprise in this raunchy comic ride is how artfully Rock lets down his guard. His confident, prowling wit as a stand-up has finally found its way to the screen, enhanced by a bracing vulnerability.

Top Five - text blockThere are moments when Top Five sings, and then there are the flats.  I’ve never been a fan of Tracy Morgan, and the movie would have been improved had he been omitted.  He’s featured as part of a family visit that I found mostly unfunny.  It’s that “comedy is tough” mantra I’ve been on.  Chris Rock is funny; Tracy Morgan is not.  Luckily this portion of film is relatively brief.

Will Top Five make my Top Ten?  Not likely, but the inspired, sensitive and wise moments, a deftly handled alcoholic theme and a good number of hardy laughs earn a mark of 8/10.


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