Oscar Chuckles

I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY of the nominated, animated feature films.  Nor have I seen The Lego Movie.  But it has achieved universal critical and commercial success.  So the uproar at the Academy’s omission of The Lego Movie I find HILARIOUS.  But it’s also sad that the most prestigious film awards body is so compromised.  It demonstrates that the secretive little clan of the Academy has very little credibility.  Lots of clout, but little credibility.

And that’s why I don’t get too worked up at the other obvious errors by the Academy.  I mean they knocked the stupid factor out of the park this time.   I have not seen four of the five nominated documentaries, but the omission of Life Itself is a travesty — and just plain bizarre .  Luckily, The Lego Movie demonstrates what a joke the Academy can be.

Lego Movie - Academy - text blockThe Academy’s slip-ups this year also lighten my mood with regards to Under the Skin.  I knew it would never have a chance at winning, but seeing it nominated would have gone a long way toward restoring that lost sense of integrity.

All of this also ameliorates the trauma of a possible Boyhood win — which at the moment seems inevitable.  One of these days I plan to write on what happened at the 72nd Academy Awards, where the four best movies of 1999 were robbed of even so much as a nomination.

* * *

A couple more things.  The Golden Globe for best foreign film went to Leviathan, which I had never heard of before.  It’s odd this year how so many contending films were not released in November and December, as is par for the course, but have been pushed back until January or later (or never).  Leviathan has received much critical praise, so I’ll reserve judgement until I see it.  But it will have to be one hell of a great movie to beat Ida.  We’ll see which one takes it on Feb. 22nd.

I’ll end on a positive note for ol’ Oscar.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Whiplash nominated for best picture.  As the only 9/10+ rated film of the nominees, it’s guaranteed not to win.  But kudos to the Academy for at least getting it on the list.


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