Thoughts on the 87th Academy Awards

Lady Gaga and Julie AndrewsFirst of all, I think we all saw a new side of Lady Gaga.  What a singer, what a talent, what a star.


The “In Memoriam” segment featured the timeless theme music from Sophie’s Choice by Marvin Hamlisch.  A score that connects us with a time gone by, of The Waltons, of pure Americana and at the same time the deepest sentiment for those lost. There will never be an “In Memoriam” played to any of the music nominated for an Oscar last night.  I don’t intend that as a slam against last year’s movie-music, but as a point about the greatness of Sophie’s Choice, arguably the greatest film ever made.  One day I’ll expand on that idea.


As for the winners, they mostly went exactly as predicted.  Ida, in a mild upset, won best foreign film, and Birdman, not even in the top 20 of the year, won the big prize.  It took either balls or further incompetence for the Academy to endorse to the public at large such a niche, inside-entertainment film.  It makes you wonder how they got it right with Eddie Redmayne, who displayed exceptional humility given his astounding performance.


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