Film Brief: Leviathan

Leviathan 2014 - poster smallSort of a Russian House of Sand and Fog morphing into Mystic River, but without the narrative strength of either of those very good movies.  A number of positives here, and just as many problems.  I was on the ‘thumbs down’ side of the fence, but I give it credit for being one of those ultimate ‘F-U’ movies, such that Leviathan has stuck enough to offer a marginal recommendation.  6/10

I will say there’s no contest between this one and Ida, even though the Golden Globes had trouble sorting it out.

Leviathan - text block

On a related note, Maps to the Stars kept running around in my brain more than I though it would, so I am upgrading my opinion of it to 6/10.


7 thoughts on “Film Brief: Leviathan

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