Film Brief: Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales)

Wild Tales - poster large

Relates Salvajes is being marketed in English as Wild Tales, but a more accurate translation would be Savage Tales — this movie exposes the animalistic side of human nature.  Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian nails it:

Argentinian portmanteau movie is a tinderbox of delights

Writer / director Damián Szifron proves to be a masterful storyteller and an equally skilled director.  Wild Tales is beautifully put together — the filmmaking prowess matches the strength and style of the six stories, and demonstrates the power of linear storytelling.  I can hardly wait for more — hopefully a ‘standard’ feature from Szifron.  Incredibly entertaining and highly recommended,  Wild Tales offers a thrilling escape from cinematic doldrums.  8/10

Wild Tales - text block


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