TV Notes: Better Call Saul

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Just a couple thoughts on AMC’s Better Call Saul, which wrapped up its first season last night.  First of all, and I know I’m a little late to the party, but boy has TV gotten a lot better.  I first became aware of this phenomenon in 2010 with Mad Men, the most exquisite television show ever produced.  With FX’s Fargo, and now Better Call Saul, the idea has been cemented that television has the capacity to better many movie offerings — especially with the cinematic dead zone we are now in.

I loved the Fargo series, despite the occasional gappy logic.  With Better Call Saul, I missed the first three episodes — marketing it as a sequel to Breaking Bad didn’t get my juices flowing, only because I’ve never watched Breaking Bad.  The entertainment value isn’t quite to the level of Fargo, but boy it’s good.  I love western settings done right, e.g. Electrick Children and After Dark, My Sweet.  Now we just need to wait for season 2…. which could be another year.

According to the Wikipedia entry, the entire Better Call Saul series of ten episodes will be available on Netflix any day now.  That’s good, because I really want to check out the first three episodes that I missed.


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